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A direct competitive entrance examination for the recruitment of sixty (60) Chief Warders
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A direct competitive entrance examination for the recruitment of sixty (60) Chief Warders, Category ”C” of the Public Service is hereby launched for the year 2017

This competitive entrance examination shall be organized on the 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18 june 2017 at the Regional Headquarters.

Cameroonian who fulfil the following conditions may apply:

Be of good morality
Aged between 17 and 28 years on the 1st of January 2017 (born between 1st January 1989 to 1st January 2000)
Be holder of the G.C.E ”O” Level in four papers, excluding Religious knowledge, obtained in one session or any equivalent certificate
Be at least 1.65m tall for the male candidates and 1.55m for the female candidates
Be free of any infection or disease that could lead to an extended sick leave

(1) Complete application files shall be received at the Regional Delegations of Penitentiary Administration not later than 12 May 2017 and shall comprise:

1. A hand written application to the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the seals with fiscal stamp of 1,000 FCFA dated and signed specifying:

The name, date, place of birth, and address of the candidate
The Division and Region of origin
The competitive examination concerned
The language in which the candidate will write the examination
The list of documents attached to the application.

2. A certified copy of the required certificate signed by any competent civil authority, of less than three (3) months old

3. An attestation of the presentation of the original of the required certificate

4. A certified copy of the birth certificate signed by any competent civil authority, of less than three (3) months old

5. A criminal record of less than three (3) month old

6. A certificate of height

7. A medical certificate of less than three (3) months old issued by Public service Medical Doctor

8. A money order of 20,000 FCFA to the Director of the Penitentiary Administration (Ministry of Justice, Yaoundé) as examination free

9. An A4 envelope bearing the candidate’s address and a postage stamp at the official rate

10. Two (2) passport size photographs with the candidate’s names on the reverse

11. An unstamped curriculum vitae signed by the candidate

(2) Female candidates who are married must attach a legalized undertaking by their husbands by which the latter pledge to accept that their wives be transferred at any time to any part of the national territory when the needs of service so require

(3) Incomplete or later entry files or those signed by incompetent civil authorities shall be rejected

(4) The lists of candidates authorized to sit for the competitive examination shall be posted at the Ministry of Justice and in the Regional Delegations or Penitentiary Administration.

This competitive examination shall comprise a pre-selection test (medical check-up, physical education) and a written parts as well as a thorough medical check-up

Subjects are scored from 0 to 20. The eliminatory score shall be 06/20 for each subject

The syllabus of these subjects is attached to this Order.

The pre-selection medical check-up shall take into consideration the candidate’s height, weight, visual and hearing acuity as well as his ability to take up duties that require a good physical condition and appearance

The physical test whose score shall range from 0 to 20 and shall include an eliminatory score of 6 on 20 shall be based on sprint, long distance race, pull-ups with facial and abdominal support;

The 100m sprint shall be for candidates of both sexes
The 1000m long distance race shall be for the females and 1500m for the males
The pull- ups with facial and abdominal support shall consist in serval and uninterrupted flexions and shall be for boys only.

(1) Candidates shall arrive at the examination hall one (1) hour before the start of each subject with their national identity card, the receipt of the file deposited and writing material excluding paper

(2) Venues for the medical check-up, the physical education, and the written part shall be posted at the Ministry of Justice and in the Regional Delegations of Penitentiary Administration

(3) Only candidates who qualify both on the medical check-up and in the physical education shall be allowed to sit for the written part.

The examinations shall be conducted based on the time-table below:

12, 13, 14, 15 june 2017

Medical examination(8 a.m to 4 p.m)
Physical examination(8 a.m to 10, Eliminatory score 06/20)

17 June 2017

Essay(8 a.m to 10, weight 4, Eliminatory score 06/20)
Civics(11 a.m to 1 p.m, weight 3, Eliminatory score 06/20)
Penitentiary Administration(3 p.m to 5 p.m, weight 3, Eliminatory score 06/20)

18 June 2017

Mathematics(8 a.m to 10, weight 2, Eliminatory score 06/20)

The results of competitive examination shall be published by the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, keeper of the Seals after the thorough medical check-up report.



I. MATHEMATICS: Secondary School (Form 5) programme


Rules and Regulations
Cameroon administrative organization
The Constitution of June 1972 as amended
The President of Republic
The Parliament
The Prime Minister, Head of Government
The organization of the Ministry of Justice
The Role and Importance of Taxes
The Organization of Regional and Local Authorities
The Court of First Instance
The High Court
The Court of Appeal
The Supreme Court
The Role of Administrative Authorities
The Special Criminal Court


This paper requires the imagination, reflection, analysis or description of an event. The aim is to test the candidate’s ability to analyze or present a topic.


Penitentiary system (Decree n°92/52 of 27 March 1992)
Special Rules and Regulation governing the Corps of the Penitentiary Administration (Decree n°365/2010 of 29 November 2010)

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