N°:13795 - Are you looking to work as a qualified Domestic Servant where your rights will be respected?

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1) Are you looking for a well-trained Domestic Servant?
2) Are you looking to work as a qualified Domestic Servant where your rights (proper work conditions and social insurance) will be respected?
3) Are you a domestic servant who want to be retrained?
4) Do you want to join our team of Domestic Servant teachers?

Contact us on: domesticservants@ilec-educ.com

Following Ministerial Order No 176/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD OF 10 MAY 2016, the International Language and Education Center was granted authorization to train Domestic Servants. Our domestic servants are well trained to offer the best standards possible. They are well catered for with insurance and good working conditions. They do their jobs with pride and not as a last resort. We follow up to ensure families are getting value for their money. We do continuous training to ensure our maids continuously exceed performance expectations.

Our rigorous and comprehensive training program equip the maids we train with adequate knowledge in the following areas:

Personal hygiene and presentation
Good manners and right conduct
First aid and emergencies
Kitchen management
Laundry and ironing
Cleaning of office house, office, reception areas, bathrooms and conference rooms
Bed making, table setting and how to serve food and drinks
Task setting and time management
Child care (bathing and infant, milk management and administration etc)
Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing. Cleaning products and equipment
Cookery ( breakfast, lunch and super)
Quality control
Communication and cultural integration.

Yaoundé: ILEC situés derrière la Boulangerie Calafatas, à côté de l’immeuble TBELLA, au deuxième étage de l'immeuble Standard Chartered Bank.
Mobile: +237 697 782 722 / 675 632 088

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