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To computerize its point of sale is a profitable investment that allows a better management of its activity. Simples service is your ideal partner to give your structure a new image in order to be at the top in the commercial competitiveness that nowadays turns more and more rough.
Thus, simple service accompanies you in the creation of a personalized website of your company, digital archiving, Webmarketing, Internet advertisements, sms and email marketing to give a great visibility to your products; Which is essential in improving the company's performance. The computerization of your business management system allows you to:
- Win in time to delivery (know in advance its delivery and facilitate receipt, download the slips on the cashier ...)
- Provide comfort and organization in the work (to know at each moment the real state of its stock, to manage more effectively its reserve, to follow its daily turnover)
- Inventory tracking (make a theoretical inventory available at all times have a permanent inventory)
- Reduce losses (avoid breaks by setting alert thresholds, eliminate "too old"
- Increase turnover (responsiveness and precision in response to customer demands, customer order management, daily sales follow-up, analysis of the weight of families and their evolution in order to better know and serve customers).
For more information, please contact us at 690 306 698/672 417 312
web site: www.simpleservices.cf

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