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The United States of America is nowadays the best destination for higher education because it has very large schools and universities ranked among the world . However, this is by far the preferred destination. This excellence has a very high cost especially for foreign students because of the very high cost of studies and the cost of living. Do you want to go to school without knowing how to do it? We are here to guide you in the choice of the university that corresponds to you and to help you make the choice of the training that you desire. To do this, you should already note this:
For studies at a US university, the following documents are required:
- Photocopy of birth certificate
- Photocopy of the last diplomas (Probatoire, Bac, License, ...)
- Photocopy CNI or passport
- 4 photos 4x4
- Proof of level for those wishing to enroll directly at the university.
- Non-refundable opening fee
Do you want to study in the USA? contact us now for more information at 690 306 698; 672 417 312 OR write to contact@etconsultingsarl.org and we will reply to you.
Website: www.etconsultingsarl.org

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