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Littoral / Douala

This Back to school year of October 16 will enter the history of the ISP (Institute of Specialization of the PIDERC) which takes the initiative to come to the rescue of young compatriots and parents in distress in the face of the anglophone crisis that persists.
It is at the end of an ad hoc meeting on Monday 25 September 2017 that the leaders of this institution recognized by the MINEFOP (Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training) decide to overcome the many concerns raised at their by many compatriots whose dream of this academic and academic year is being hidden by this uncertain situation in the anglophone part of the country and drifting their future.

To respond to their concerns, PSI decided to open the following channels:
- Secretary Executive Management
- Computerized Acouting & Management
- Marketing & Communication
- Banking & Finance
- Human Resource
- Computer Network & Maintenance
- Graphic Conception & Design (CAD / CAD)

It should already be remembered that ISP had anticipated this problem since July by recruiting DJAKAM Gabriel, his Academic Director perfectly bilingual and heading the ISP to lead this vast to its success. This initiative reflects the will and the policy of the PIDERC to ban all forms of exclusion and social discrimination in order to promote a fair world.
It can also be seen as a bargain for all ISP learners who will now see all their teachers forced to translate their courses to deliver them in both French and English to meet the requirements for training and professionalization to promote Bilingualism and multiculturalism and to live together for a prosperous Cameroon emerging in 2035.

Registration continues on our campuses in Akwa opposite Palais DICKA and Ndog Passi3 at the Entry Carreer (behind Pétrolex Boko station)
In case of worry, please call 6 99 21 21 40/679 84 34 99
Thank you for always trusting the ISP, the Leader of tomorrow.

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