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Italy currently ranks as one of the top 8 economic powers in the world. thus, many students go to study every year, attracted by the quality of training offered by the Italian universities in the fields of art, architecture or science. the opportunities on the labor market are not lacking for those who master Italian.
This is an opportunity to be seized! With Etconsulting, you receive a training in Italian language, necessary for your integration in this country. Would you like to study and solicit a guide in your different procedures? We are there for you, from the request of your letter of admission, to your installation in Italy. Do not hesitate to contact us at 672 417 312 or by Whatsapp at 690 306 698 and you will have all the information you need!
For more information: http://etconsultingsarl.org
Email: contact@etconsultingsarl.org

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