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Inaugurated by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon and the Director of the British Council, ILEC now offers UK professional diploma programs in Cameroon. All diplomas come directly from the UK.

This implies that students in Cameroon Can study year 1 and/or 2 at ILEC, obtain their professional diplomas and progress to second and/or final year bachelor’s degree in a number of universities in the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Those who do not wish to travel can complete their final year bachelor’s degree directly with a UK university via distance learning. Students who wish to obtain an MBA can study level 7 diploma and progress to final year MBA with a UK university. Those without GCE Advance level or Baccalaureate can study level 3 diploma which is equivalent to Advance level in the UK. They can seek admission into a UK university or opt to study level 4 and 5 diplomas. Level 4 & 5 are for those with Advance level certificate or Baccalaureate. Level 4 is equivalent to year 1 while level 5 is equivalent to year 2 university studies in the UK. Holders of at least five year’s managerial experience with or without first degree can study level 6 diploma and progress to do MBA full course in a UK University.

All bachelor’s degrees are issued by UK, Canadian, Australian or Irish Universities depending on the course. Courses available are Business Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Information Technology, Marketing, International Business, International Tourism and Management, Event Management and MBA. Students who do not wish to finish with degree programs can as well use their diplomas to seek employment as these diplomas are internationally recognised. Admissions are ongoing. For those whose first language is not English, ILEC organises intensive English language classes.

Classes begins on 22nd January 2018.
Fees for level 3 to level 6 = 1,075,000frs per level
Fees for level 7 = 1,675,000 frs

Register before 15 December and receive a discount of 100,000 frs!

For more information, contact:
Admissions Team
650 230 925 / 656 036 666

Main Office
222 232 819 / 675 632 088
2nd floor Standard
Chartered Bank building
Behind Boulangerie Calafatas

Douala Campus
British Language Institute
677 500 371 / 233 42 51 45
Akwa. 1.387 Rue Joffre

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