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Littoral / Douala

Under the authority of the Director and the Academic Director:
• Prospects candidates for training and the services based on the plan defined by the Director;
• Selects and classifies candidates after a placement test;
• Prepares and teaches lessons according to a progression defined by the Head of department or the Academic Director;
• Organises and controls tutorial sessions;
• Respect the methodology defined by management;
• Ensures the permanent follow-up of learners and takes care of their positive progression;
• Ensures administrative tasks related to trainings;
• Designs and share teaching materials adapted to the professional context under the supervision of the Director (D);
• Participates in the development of training programmes;
• Participates in teaching meetings, follow-up meetings;
• Supports the Center in the following areas: communication, improvement of economic model and IT (obtaining the minimum skills requirement);
• Sends reports of training activities to the Director (D) and copies the BOARD, especially via email.

• Have a minimum level of a Bachelor’s degree
• Knowing the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and TFI teaching methods would be an asset;
• Ability to adapt the approach and educational content for adult needs;
• Ability to manage and lead the heterogeneous groups (needs and levels) and to vary teaching schedules;
• Ability to work in a team, in a project and in partnership with various stakeholders,
• IT knowledge.

Interested candidates should submit a resume (CV) and cover letter to
vacancies@pla-ltd.com by Thursday 25 January 2018.
Tel: 699 47 87 12

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