N°:17948 - AWARD CERTIFICATE in UNAIDS Policy, Organisation and Initiatives

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ABMA Education is an awarding organisation based in the UK and recognised by Ofqual
(The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in the UK. We provide
qualifications in a number of sectors for employees looking to improve the skills they need to
perform to their potential.
Given the nature of your work activities, we would like to introduce you to our UNAIDS Policy,
Organisation and Initiatives award training program. Over the years, our centres have
noticed that most job adverts from your institution and other institutions benefiting from
UNAIDS always carry the clause 'knowledge of UNAIDS policy will be an asset' and
considering the lack of formal training on this subject in Cameroon this far, we are confident
that this training will help raise the productive standards of your workers.
Apart from the UNAIDS Policy, Organisation and Initiatives award training program, we do
have other training programs that could be of interest to you including:

• Project Management (learning units include Project development, fundraising etc).
• HIV/ AIDS Management
• Legal Framework in HIV/ AIDS Management
• Responding to HIV/ AIDS
• Counselling and Social Work
• Social and Corporate Responsibilities
• Population, Poverty and Human Development
• Health and Nutrition Education
• Community Development
• Project Finance and Funding
• Business Planning and Practice for Community Organisations
• Human Resource Management etc ...

The normal training session will begin on Monday 04, June 2018. Your staff can either join our
regular classes or a close group {only for your staff at their convenient time & place), which
will last for 72 hours and will be covered over a period of 12 weeks.

For more details contact us at 237698165102

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