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Prix : 250 000 F

Series 194 Dimming & Switch Packs Features
• Rated for continuous use at up to 35°C.
• Robust 40A rated semiconductors.
• 6kA rated ABB circuit breakers on all channels.
• Optional neutral switching breakers on all models.
• Rugged steel enclosure.
• Mark resistant stainless steel front panel.
• 32mm clamping cable gland for input supply.
• Externally accessible electronics protection fuse.
• Comprehensive LCD display.
• Data LED indication.
• Phase indicators.
• XLR & RJ45 DMX connectors on all models.
• Optional second DMX input XLR.
• All DMX inputs protected to DMX512A.
• One or two factory fitted analogue inputs per channel.
• Analogue inputs 0-10V on ring locking DIN connector (0-5V special order).
• 6 channels of dimming or zero voltage switching.
• Choice of dimming or switching channel by channel.
• Substantial chokes with current risetime of 170µs.
• 200 to 250 Vrms 1/2/3 phase star connection.
• Reference +10 V 10mA supply on DIN sockets.
• Auto sensing for mains frequency 46-64Hz.
• Additive preheat control.
• Optional front panel manual level controls.
• Seven buttons for menu control with edit LED.
• External +24V supply on DIN sockets for external analogue desks etc.
• External +5V 50mA supplyon RJ45 for ancillary desks etc.

Prix : sans DMX 250000 FCFA – avec DMX 300000 FCFA

Contact : 690152973 / 696441681

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